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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)  Do you have availability on our wedding day?

A.)  Contact me (Joseph Kolecki) at (440) 503-7892, or to check availability on your wedding day.

Q.)  How far in advance do we need to book you?

A.)  I book with clients on a first come first serve basis.

Q.)  Will the images taken on our wedding day be taken exclusively by you? 

A.)  Yes.

Q.)  Do you provide a second photographers?

A.)  Yes.  Their is an additional fee of $495 for a second shooter.

Q.)  How many photos do you normally take at a wedding?

A.)  On average, between 600-800 photos.  

Q.)  When was your business established.  

A.)  2004

Q.)  Are weddings the bulk of your photography business?

A.)  Weddings and portraits.

Q.)  How many wedding do you photograph per year?

A.)  On average, I photograph around 20-25 weddings per year.

Q.)  What time of year and day is ideal for you to produce your style of work?

A.)  I strive to create nicely composed images regardless of the time of day, year, or shooting environment.

Q.)  Is there a wedding size you enjoy most?

A.)  I have photographed both large and small weddings.  I have enjoyed every wedding.

Q.)  Are you involved with any professional organizations?  

A.)  Yes.  I am an active member of the Cleveland Photographic Society.

Q.)  Is there a videography team you enjoy working with that you can recommend?  

A.)  I have a few videographers I normally refer.

Q.)  What would you say is your stylistic approach to weddings?

A.)  Creative and fresh with an emphasis on photojournalism and portraits.

Q.)  Do you have a list of images you try to produce?  

A.)  Yes. 

Q.)  Do you like to be included in the making of the wedding day's timeline?

A.)  Absolutely!  This is why I meet with my clients before their wedding day. 

Q.)  How much time do you need for formals?

A.)  On average, at least 1 hour for formals.  

Q.)  Do you work exclusively with digital or film?

A.)  I work exclusively with digital.  All images you receive will be in high res jpeg format.